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The Volkswagen Touareg is VW's first incursion into the SUV market, while it delayed it as much as it could with the family friendly VW Jetta SportWagen; the Touareg was a shared design between Audi and Porsche, sharing the same PL71 platform as the luxury SUV Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, making the Volkswagen Touareg the luxury entry level SUV and was awarded the 2004 Sport/Utility of the Year by Motor Trend and named Best Luxury SUV by Car and Driver magazine. The Porsche design team behind the Touareg were looking for an SUV that performed and handled like a sports car making it very popular among young families looking for that performance driven edge. The VW Touareg even came with an optional V10 engine which boasted the heaviest towing capacity for an SUV, it even aired a TV commercial with a Touareg towing a Boeing 747 weighing in at 155 tons.

The Volkswagen Touareg arrived to Canada in late 2003 as a Touareg 2004 model; powered by a V6 3.2L engine with 217HP adding an air suspension system with adjustable suspension height for off-roading and highway driving. In the second year in Canada the Touareg received an upgraded V6 3.6L engine with 238HP and an optional V8 4.2L engine with 306HP shared with the Porsche Cayenne, while a premium W12 6.0L engine was used for a limited edition in Europe it wasn't available in Canada. The Touareg was also powered by a 2.5L TDI turbo diesel engine in Europe, in Canada it is available with a V6 3.0L TDI with 22HP, Volkswagen also produced a V10 5.0L TDI engine which was used in the Boeing towing commercial and was organized by Volkswagen UK and supervised by VW engineers, the V10 diesel engine was later discontinued in the North American market due to emission regulations by diesel engines.

The 2007 Touareg received a facelift which was presented in 2006 and did arrived to Canadian VW dealers until 2008, the new Touareg received some ground breaking technology including radar distance monitor and adaptive cruise control, ABS+ which reconfigures the braking system by working with the traction control shortening braking distances, it also included upgraded front grill and premium audio system. The 2008 Touareg received upgraded gasoline engines, the Touareg TDI is powered by Volkswagen's trademarked BlueMotion V6 3.0L TDI engine, which adds diesel particulate filters and oxidising catalytic converters that improve fuel consumption and lower NOx levels (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide).

The second generation Touareg made its debut in Munich and arrived to Canada as 2011 Touareg model, in Canada the 2012 Touareg is available with two optional engines, a V6 3.4L FSI engine with 280HP or a V6 turbocharged diesel 3.0L TDI engine with 225HP both engines are coupled with an 8-speed automatic 4motion (AWD) tiptronic transmission with dynamic shift program (DSP) and sport mode. The s drivetrain is a permanent four-wheel drive system with adaptive torque distribution, Volkswagen chose to make 4WD standard on all Touareg's while the VW Tiguan has an optional 2WD and 4WD version.

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